Coworking Community Webinar and Q&A

18 students

A video introduction to coworking community management where we cover:

  • What a coworking community is
  • Why community is important for coworking
  • The role of the community managers and coworking space operators
  • How to connect to people
  • What to do to get your coworking space community working
  • Ways to mobilize members
  • How to get coworkers involved
  • How to get more members

Close captioned video of the webinar and the presentation are included.


Hi! I’m the founder of Betacowork, author of The Coworking Handbook and former President of the European Coworking Assembly, among many coworking activities. From the day I got into coworking I’ve been learning from others and also helping people learn face to face, in conferences, through my posts and through my manual on how to run coworking spaces. I’m a Serendipity Accelerator ® that cannot help himself connecting and helping people.

My book The Coworking Handbook is the manual used by thousands of people around the world to develop and operate their coworking business. AFter running Betacowork for 8 years, I sold my coworking space to three members of the community. I’m still working from that coworking space and helping out the coworkers and operators.