Coworking Community Challenge Course

How to work with this course

Take notes! Beware of illusion of competence. Notes will help you retain what you learn and they will be easier to go back to as reference.

After each lesson, try to recall the most important learnings. You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this, just a few seconds. You will remember a lot more of the content and it will stick with you longer.

Use the community area of the challenge to a lot to ask questions, to get help, and to give help. This is a safe space to help each other out. We are building a support community for coworking space operators starting with the members of this course, and there will be a lot of useful knowledge and people in there. This community is limited right now to the members of the course. Search first to make sure that your question has not been already answered and that you are not wasting the time of your fellow operators.